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Gyro = Circle / Tonic = strengthening (Greek)

The Gyrotonic Method is a unique, holistic approach to movement.

The exercises are composed of circular movements synchronized with breathing pattern, and they flow together in rhythmic repetitions.


Gyrotonic Method was created by Juliu Horvath in 1980s.

Gyrotonic Expansion System is a result of his 6 years studying yoga and meditation in the mountains of St.Thomas. When Juliu returned to New York City in the early 1980′s  he began teaching a new movement system. At first his methods were known as “Yoga for Dancers”.


The gyrotonic is performed on specially designed equipment by Juliu: the Pulley Tower Combination Unit, Leg Extension Unit, Jumping Stretching Board, Archway, Stool or Mat

 The training on the machine is done on a one-to-one basis.


  • Specially designed exercise equipment was built around the human body to follow arch - curl,  and spiral rotation movement
  • Personal approach, variety of exercises
  • Transition from one movement to the next smoothly and efficiently
  • 3D movement pattern
  • The motion patterns are natural, free and pure
  • Movements synchronized with breathing patterns and performed with melodic rhythmic expression
  • Machines give constant resistance during exercise
  • Gyrotonic equipment is highly adjustable, it can be customized to fit each person
  • Alternative fitness program used with great success of dancers, athletes, in the rehabilitation after injuries at various hospitals and chiropractic offices, as well as general conditioning


  • Stretches and strengthens all body at the same time
  • Increases flexibility
  • Improves coordination and postural alignment
  • Balances core
  • Stimulates the nervous system
  • Calms the Mind
  • Frees the body from pain and stiffness.
  • After the session you will feel more energized, stronger and happier